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Nutrition For Post Covid Recovery: Here Is An Effective Diet Plan For Quick Post Covid Recovery

On the occasion of National Nutrition week 2021, we will talk about the nutrition and diet plan for quick post Covid recovery.

It is a time consuming procedure to recover from Covid-19. It takes time to boost up the energy levels back. It is important to consume a healthy meal for the recovery. Post Covid address some symptoms like loss of energy, weakness, hunger or weight loss.  A nutritious diet is essential for the recovery and Healing.

Foods and drinks for post Covid Recovery

To deal from this situation consume a diet which is not oily, spicy, or too much sweet. Died should be nutritious or healthy which can boost up the energy levels

1. Protein rich foods

 Diet should be rich in protein because it can provide a lot of energy. For protein include milk and milk products or fish, eggs, lentils, quinoa in the diet.

2. Vitamin C

  Vitamin c is beneficial in the recovery. It boost up the immune system or build up immunity for vitamin c consume citrus fruits, lemon, strawberries according to one study vitamin c high dosage can be associated with fast recovery in vovid-19 patients.

3. Prebiotics and Probiotics


Consumption of prebiotics and probiotics in the diet is a great option for boost up the immunity. Prebiotics and probiotics food contains various beneficial microorganisms. Foods like yoghurt, pickles, onion, bread, bananas are good example of prebiotic and probiotics. These foods are good for gut health also and also help to fight from contaminants and improve nutritional absorption.

4. Spices

Spices like cardamom, clove, cinnamon or turmeric are beneficial for the post covid recovery. Add these herbs in milk these are beneficial for the respiratory health.

5. Vegetable and Dal Soup

Vegetable and dal soup are good source of protein, healthy and filling. It taste good and also easy in preparation all type of soups can be consumed in any meal. It also improves the immune system.

Diet Plan for Post Covid Recovery

Here is a full day diet plan and meal option for post covid recovery patients:-

  • Early Morning: Dry coriander seeds or Fresh Coriander leaves water 1 glass
  • After 15 minutes: Green tea with lemon and honey /Ginger tea /Basil tea +Mixed dry fruits handful
  • Breakfast options: 1 Bowl Curd / Orange Juice +Steamed sprouts With coconut and salads/ Stuffed veg paranthas +Coriander +Green mango +garlic onion chutney  
  • Mid-Morning: Detox water (Turmeric +Lemon+Mint +Kheera /citrus fruits)
  • Lunch: Kachmer salad with peanuts and Sesme seeds +Tuar dal+Rice/Bejad
  • Roti+Green chana potato veg+ Curd with roasted Jeera
  • Evening: Fruit custard /Carrot/Pumpkin Kheer 
  • Dinner: Mixed Veg Raita + Brown Rice pulav withx Soya nuggets/Makka Dalia
  • Bed Time: Milk+ Cardamom powder1 tsp/ Saunth 1 pinch 

Note: Take Ajwain+Fennel seeds after every major meal to boost your metabolism.


What foods and drinks to avoid while recovering from Covid-19

Here are some foods and beverages that should be avoided post covid recovery

  • Refined food items
  • Spicy and oily foods
  • Alcohol
  • Bakery items

Yoga is also beneficial for the post Covid recovery mode. Proper sleep, lifestyle modification, or changes in dietary pattern may help in boost up the immunity back just make sure that consume home cooked and warm food for better good recovery or health.